A Pakistani man faces trial for raping his employer’s Filipino domestic worker in Dubai in early March.

Police said the incident happened on March 3 when the 31-year-old Pakistani, a driver, allegedly forcibly dragged his Filipina co-worker to his bedroom when no one was at home, Khaleej Times reported.

The Filipina, 26, had complained prior to the attack that the driver had hugged and kissed her on two separate occasions. She said she pushed him away and scolded him not to do it again.

On the day of the alleged rape, the driver dragged the Filipina by force to his bedroom while there was no one in their employer’s house. The man raped the Filipina then dropped her off at the employer’s new house.

The Filipina immediately reported the matter to the police, who arrested the man afterward. According to a medical report, the Filipina sustained scratches on her forehead and left arms during the assault.

During the police investigation, the Pakistani admitted to raping the Filipina, officials said. He remains in detention and the trial will continue on June 25.