A Filipina who had her wallet stolen from her bag by another Filipina in Hong Kong on Friday called police and followed the thief until she was apprehended.

However, she is now having second thoughts about pressing charges against the woman.

Ezy de Vega Lopez wrote a Facebook post which went viral, describing how she was alerted by a woman that her bag had been opened when she was busy checking out clothes in a shop on the first floor of the busy World Wide Plaza, sunwebhk.com reported.

Instead of shouting for help, she kept calm, stalked the suspect, took her picture then pulled her by her clothes to stop her from running away before police arrived. Lopez said her wallet contained her Hong Kong Identity Card, some Philippine pesos and Hong Kong dollars.

She said she was later told by police that the culprit had been jailed and it was up to her whether she wanted to pursue the case. But after giving a statement to police, she realized the thief had a family relying on her in the Philippines and was undecided if she should press charges.