A Filipino domestic worker in Kuwait has asked for help after she was forced to continue working while recovering from severe burns to her arms.

At 2 am on May 25, Amor S Talleser received second-degree burns to her arms and face while cooking. She was taken to a hospital by her employers at 5 am that day for treatment, The Filipino Times reported

Talleser said her employers claimed they would give her time to rest and recover, but a few days after the incident, they demanded she go back to work. The Filipina said she was still in pain, but her employers did not allow her to take a few more days off.

According to Talleser’s daughter Claire Sarmiento, who posted her mother’s ordeal on Facebook, her mother wanted to return to the Philippines but was told she had to pay 150,000 pesos.

Sarmiento added that her mother tried to reach out to her recruitment agency, but they refused to help her go home. Talleser was left with no choice but to endure the pain and work as she had no money to go home.

Talleser’s family have already sought help from the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, but they have to wait for a few days before any action is taken.