A Filipino woman who was jailed in Dubai for a drug charge has been reunited with her parents after 14 years.

The 33-year-old Filipina was convicted in a drug smuggling case and has spent 14 years in Dubai Women’s Prison at the General Department of Punitive and Correctional Institutions (PCI), The National reported.

Under the Dubai police’s ‘Let’s Tolerate’ program, the Filipina’s parents were invited to the prison to visit their daughter.

Col. Jamila Al Zaabi, director of Dubai’s Women’s Prison, said the Filipina had undergone rehabilitation since she was imprisoned and received help from a psychological support team.

The Filipina also chose to convert to Islam and has become financially independent after learning to become a craftswoman in prison.

“PCI will continue working to fulfill the dreams of inmates under the ‘Let’s Tolerate’ program and target four inmates throughout the Year of Tolerance,” Al Zaabi said.

Dubai Police released a statement on Monday, which said the visit was part of efforts to “instill happiness in the hearts of inmates, officers and civilians”.

They said it was only the second family reunion organized by the department.