A Malaysian nightclub notorious for alleged illegal activities was raided by Selangor police in the early hours of Saturday and officers discovered a secret chamber where 20 foreign women were hiding in a bid to evade arrest.

In the raid about 1:10 am on June 1, officers from the Selangor Immigrant, Gambling and Divorce Crimes Division (D7) stormed the three-story entertainment center on Jalan Layang-Layang 5 in Puchong Jaya Town in Petaling District, the China Press reported.

In one of the karaoke rooms on the second floor, they found a 12-square-meter secret room, where officers found 20 foreign women and seven men. Another secret room was found near the roof on the third floor with three foreign male workers inside.

A preliminary investigation found that the women – 17 Vietnamese, a Thai, a Thai transgender and an Indonesian – were illegally working as guest relations officers. Customers were charged between 150 to 200 ringgit per hour for their services. The 10 men – nine Bangladeshis and one from Myanmar – were also arrested. They worked as guards at the premises.

The entertainment center operated illegally without a legitimate business license for more than one year and this was the second time it had been raided. In the latest raid, a total of 1,184 ringgit in cash and various types of liquor were also seized as evidence.

All the foreign nationals were taken to Serdang police headquarters for further questioning.