Five people were arrested in South Korea after they were caught with fake Vietnamese driving licenses in order to acquire Korean licenses.

The Busan Police Agency said one suspect has been detained and four others charged with “interfering with public duty” and “private document forgery” without physical detention, VN Express reported.

Some 26 other Vietnamese were also booked for getting driving licenses illegally via the group.

The suspects reportedly advertised that they could help Vietnamese residents in Korea get Korean driving licenses without having an original license from Vietnam.

The 26 Vietnamese sent their passports and other identification information to the group along with about 700,000 to 1 million won (US$590 to $842). Buyers were then given fake Vietnamese driving licenses, which they tried to use to get Korean licenses.

Authorities in South Korea also asked Interpol to investigate if the group has any more associates in Vietnam.

And the Road Traffic Safety department was advised to deal with any loopholes or flaws in the foreign license exchange scheme.