Hipsters and millennials take note — someone has finally designed an electric e-bike that won’t geek out your friends and family — and it comes from Belgium.

The super-minimalist, and leaning toward ultra-cool, Cowboy (from a Belgian company of the same name) is ready to rock, according to a recent report in TechRadar.com.

And, it will only cost you  €1,990 (about US$2,200/£1,800) — OK, not exactly cheap, but … not crazy expensive either.  Some premium electric bikes can cost more than twice as much.

The Cowboy boasts road-style geometry and subtle branding, internal cabling, a neat little removable power pack hidden on the seat tube and even a SIM built into the frame.

Unlike most e-bikes, the Cowboy has no power button, no throttle and no gears, the report said. All you have to worry about is the brakes.

One downside; the 2019 Cowboy is available in just one frame size, suitable for people from about 5-foot-7 to 6-feet tall.

Courtesy, Cowboy.

Now for the tech stuff.

Hidden inside the head tube are a SIM, a backup battery (charged by the pain power pack) and everything else you’d expect to find in a phone, minus the speaker and microphone, the report said.

This comms unit — yes, the comms unit — sends diagnostics to Cowboy when the bike is powered on, letting the company know if there are any issues. It also communicates with your phone at the start and end of your journey.

The bike can also give you warnings before you set off — if you haven’t plugged the battery in properly, for example, or there’s something amiss with the tires.

The removable battery means you don’t have to haul the Cowboy into your hallway to charge it up; just park it as normal, unclip the power pack and take it to a convenient outlet.

Then lock the hell out of the frame, so no one steals it!

So where can you buy one?

Well, only in Belgium (where the company was founded), France, Germany and the Netherlands so far, but the company has global ambitions. Cowboys are built in Poland, and officials expect the business to continue expanding.