Hongqi, a brand under China’s leading automaker FAW Group, launched two new concept models — the S9, a supercar prototype with butterfly-doors, and the electric SUV E115, China Daily reported.

Both of the models were unveiled at the ongoing Frankfurt Auto Show this week.

The S9 is the company’s first super sports model, which boasts a maximum speed of 400 km/h and a 100-km acceleration within 1.9 seconds. It is equipped with a newly-developed V8T hybrid system with a maximum power of 1,400 horsepower.

E115 is Hongqi’s smart electric SUV concept. The four-wheel-drive off-road vehicle with a single range of 600 km boasts an autopilot system and 0 to 100 km/h acceleration time in less than four seconds, the report said.

Hongqi, which means “Red Flag,” was established in 1958, and has been used as the vehicle for parades at national celebrations.

The company has sped up a market-oriented reform in recent years through diversifying its product mix. It now sells six models including two sedans, two SUVs, an EV and a customized limousine.

The Hongqi S9 is equipped with a newly-developed V8T hybrid system with a maximum power of 1,400 horsepower. Motoring.

In the first eight months of this year, it sold more than 52,000 vehicles, up 231% from a year earlier. In August it sold more than 10,000 vehicles.

The company has plans to boast 17 varieties of car models by 2025, including a number of new energy vehicles and SUVs.

According to CGTN.com, Li Jincheng is the chief expert of Research and Development General Institute of China Faw Group. He’s been working in the group for three decades.

He revealed, “Decades ago, we were simply imitating other brands. But now China has set stricter standards for emissions and fuel consumption than other countries. We have to make innovations. Now our self-produced engine enjoys high efficiency and low emissions. It’s among the world-leading technologies.”

Hongqi’s research and development department has largely expanded, covering Beijing and Shanghai, as well as Munich in Germany and the Silicon Valley in the US.

“We’ve been developing cutting-edge technologies in recent years, including the Intelligent Connected Vehicle and automatic driving. They will have fast development as 5G technology develops. And we’ve putting more and more talents in these fields,” said Li.

The Hongqi electric SUV E115 concept, on display at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Youtube.